MALERBA is the leading French manufacturer with the widest ranges of metal, wood and glass technical door systems for all market segments in France. Since 1971, the family company has built a name and a reputation for the breadth of its technical product ranges, quality, reliability and responsiveness. All products are designed and manufactured in France, near its head office in the Lyon area, and have an environmental profile to comply with the requirements of sustainable construction.
  • Creation: 1971
  • Main locations: Cours-la-Ville (69), Thizy-les-Bourgs (69) and Montagny (42)
  • Employees: 500
  • Production plants: 11
  • Turnover (2021): 200 million euros
  • Volume (2019): 1,700,000 units produced
  • Official certification and approvals: more than 250 fire resistance classification reports
  • Design & production: 100% French



Hundreds of references are available to answer the specific requirements of each market:

  • Metal and wood door systems, sheath facades and manhole access doors for individual housing and collective housing.
  • Metal, wood and glass door systems, sheath facades, manhole access doors, borrowed-light frames and glazed partitions for the healthcare, education, hotel, cultural and sporting areas and all kinds of offices and high-rise buildings.
  • Technical metal door systems and manhole access doors for the industrial, logistics and infrastructure sectors.

Marketed under the MALERBA brand, all these solutions are tailored to answer your aesthetical, technical and economic expectations.



Acoustic and thermal insulation, fire resistance, burglar-proof, traffic flow security… Each door system is specifically designed to meet the most common and demanding conditions of use and safety.

This high technicality is associated with a sought-after aesthetic, to meet designers and architects expectations, whatever the nature of their architectural projects, new or refurbished.

Committed to numerous certifications with the most demanding organizations, MALERBA offers solutions that provide all the guarantees required in terms of compliance with norms and quality standards. Indeed, MALERBA has made the quality of its products and services a primary requirement and a total commitment.

The company notably has ovens and test benches to test and control its products regularly, to secure the solutions marketed and to imagine tomorrow's products.



Supporting you in all your architectural projects, including the most complex ones, providing you with innovative solutions adapted to your requirements and to construction new challenges, these are the objectives that motivate our teams on a daily basis.

At MALERBA, innovation is at the very heart of our approach and enables us to bring unique solutions to the market each year to respond to specific issues that you have told us about.

To assist you in defining your projects and discovering our products, two showroom spaces are available in Cours-la-Ville. Opened to all professionals wishing to visit, they present a selection of our products over more than 1000 m².

MALERBA's story

Founded in 1971, the company is historically based in Cours-la-Ville, north-east of Lyon in the Beaujolais area.

In two generations, MALERBA has created a unique industrial organisation recognized for its reliability and its innovations. Each year, the company invests to develop its production facility and respond as closely as possible to your constantly changing needs.

Step by step, discover the constitution of MALERBA's portfolio of activities, as it develops and makes successive acquisitions.



Since its creation, the MALERBA company has always been committed to protecting the living environment of its inhabitants and its municipality.

All the activities of its various production sites are structured around eco-technology, a set of industrial processes aimed at reducing harmful effects over the environment. Actions are thus carried out regularly in each of our factories in order to control the impact of our activity and of the strong development of our production over the recent years.

Regarding our products, each of our ranges has environmental product declaration sheets (DEP) stating the environmental impact of our products over their entire life cycle, from the sourcing of their components to their deconstruction. The environmental profiles of our products - energy-efficient, non-polluting, on site reduced waste generation - testify to their compatibility with sustainable construction projects committed to High Environmental Quality certification.

  • 50% reduction in water consumption in surface treatment facilities before painting
  • 75% reduction in pollutant emissions in water
  • Division by 10 of the emissions of organic solvents in the air
  • Over 80% of waste recycled or recovered
  • 2,700 m² of solar field for the production of electricity

Other elements such as their A + labelling or their PEFCTM or FSC® certification - which attests to our supplies from sustainably managed forests - also testify to their exemplary environmental profile and the eco-citizen approach undertaken by MALERBA.



We have made the choice of proximity to better support you on a daily basis with a network near you.

MALERBA's sales agencies and prescription teams support your construction projects on a daily basis. Working on building a trusted relationship with all those involved in the construction industry, they are present throughout France and are dedicated experts for carpenters, plasterers, masons, locksmiths, metalworkers, general contractors, design offices, economists, architects, etc.
  • 2 commercial brands MALERBA & MALERBA DISTRIBUTION
  • 30 sales agencies
  • 1 prescription team
  • 7 factory depots with integrated machining centres

MALERBA DISTRIBUTION, the network of factory depots spread throughout France, effectively complements this system. With their thousands of square meters of storage, a permanent stock of more than 1,200 references and their finishing workshops to customize products on demand, they quickly troubleshoot your building sites and deal with all types of emergency.

Consult www.malerba.fr/malerba-distribution for more information or www.malerba-distribution.com to know the stocks available in real time in your nearest MALERBA DISTRIBUTION.